My prayer closet

In Luke 11:1 the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, not how to pray.
Sunday morning was a bad morning for me for various reasons. I ended up in my prayer closet, late but that is better than never.
My prayer closet is my shower. After washing off physically I like to bow down and pray in there. The feel of the hot water streaming down from above is relaxing and sort of symbolic of God’s love flowing down.
This time I had stopped up the bathtub and as I prayed the water level was rising. At first I didn’t care how high it went, I was down. By the time I was done praying the level almost reached my nose, the water in the tub was a dark gray from the lack of light entering the shower and the soapy, dirty water.
As I said symbolic stuff, because as I cried out to my Father the cares of this life were threatening to over run me. Yet as I prayed His grace and mercy streamed down washing it all off, I simply had to rise above it which I couldn’t do till I told Jesus all about it. The weight from it all had to be left behind and the only way was through prayer.
Once I was done I stood up. The clean water flowing freely and the light right above me, just where it always was! My soul felt relief, I felt free, and wanted to stay clean.
Lord help me to remember this important lesson, to prayer, please.

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