The Day of Atonement

In Leviticus 16 the duty of the high priest on the Day of Atonement is spelled out. Only the high priest was allowed to enter the tabernacle, this showed the people how far away from God they were thanks to their sins. Blood was required to be brought into the Holy of Holies, to show that God’s judgement of sin was absolute. A bullock was sacrificed for the sin offering to show the high priest that his human blood wasn’t good enough. For that matter neither was the bullock’s, it simply was a type of Christ. After that blood was sprinkled on the mercy seat a goat was sacrificed this was for the people’s sins.
The blood from these sacrifices only bought a little credit for sin. The exact payment was made on Calvary by Jesus Christ. There He fulfilled what Aaron and his sons had been in type doing for hundreds of years.
The good news is that with the sacrifice Jesus made those sacrifices are no longer needed and we can now go directly to God and ask forgiveness of our sins!

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