Unexpected mercy

The other day was a bad day at work. I have only been on this new route by myself for a week now and I am not ready for any curves to be thrown my way. Well this day the curves came fast and furious. To spare you the time and boredom let me just say it was bad.
It definitely crossed my mind that I had made a bad mistake of taking the route, but then God started showing me a couple of things. My misfortune of not having a certain stack of hamburger buns turned into a blessing. The company had to relay it out to me and I gave the other driver 5 stacks of empty trays I had on the truck. It opened so much room up for me, allowing me to work faster and freer. This was an unexpected bit of mercy from God. I hadn’t asked for it, thus unexpected (not that I deserve any). Yet God still thought about me and in His timely fashion the help arrived.
In Ruth 1:22 Naomi came home to Bethlehem after more than 10 years away. She is bitter, hurt (spiritually, mentally, & maybe physically) financially she is broke, and has a Moabite daughter in law but no son or grandkids. Naomi told the people to call her Mara because as she thought God had been dealing very bitterly with her. But in this verse there is nothing about what had happened over there except that she came back.
Here is the unexpected mercy. She came back at the beginning of barley harvest. They stayed through the end of wheat harvest. During this time Ruth has caught the eye of Boaz. Boaz in chapter 4 does the part of the kinsman redeemer and redeems Naomi and Ruth. He marries Ruth and has a son with her named Obed. Because of the law of kinsman redeemer and the levirate law this child is considered by God to be Naomi’s grandchild. This same child was the grandfather of King David. That is unexpected mercy!


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