A birthday is special

The other day we went to a birthday party for our neighbor’s 1 year old. As usual the child had fun until it came time for the mash cake. Everyone gathered round her and sang happy birthday. Mom was on one side and daddy on the other. She was more than willing to touch the cake but took a great deal of convincing to actually put her little hands into the cake. After a while people began to walk away sure that the great scene of a cake and frosting covered child had run it’s course. All in all it was fun.
It reminded me of an event that took place for years back in the Old Testament. In 1 Samuel 2:19 we read that Hannah the mother of young Samuel made a new coat for him and brought it every year to him as he served at the tabernacle. It may not have meant much to anybody else that she did this, but for Hannah it meant everything. For years she had been barren. Her husband had another wife who had born him several children (in those days having children meant everything to a woman). Hannah had taken her cause to the Lord, asking for just one son who she would wean and turn over to the high priest once old enough to serve the Lord. Her prayer had been answered and she fulfilled her vow.
Samuel grew up serving God in the tabernacle, learning those things that would be necessary to lead the Israelites years later. In the mean time each year he got a new coat. Not much of a birthday party but that was only to those who observed not experienced it.


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