The fallen preacher

Seems I have been picking on Gehazi alot lately. Preached on him the other night on the thought of The Price of a Little Sin, out of 2 Kings 5:20-27. Today I want to visit another chapter that he is in.
It is located in 2 Kings 8. There is disagreement about if this chapter is in chronological order or not. If so then a leprous man is in the presence of the king of Israel recounting some of his adventures with the prophet Elisha to the king. If not then it would seem to be an event that would have happened shortly before chapter 5. For the sake of this blog we will say it is in order.
Here is a fallen preacher. Maybe he never was gonna be as great as Elijah and Elisha but he would have had a ministry. Instead though he got out into sin and it cost him dearly. He was now a leper. The big time was over for him.
Does that mean that God could no longer use him at all?
I don’t believe so, remember nothing catches God by surprise. Remember how God showed Jeremiah the potter? The potter had the amount of clay needed for the particular job but the clay didn’t yield properly. Some had to be removed and a different vessel fashioned. One not as honorable or fashionable as the previous design. Perhaps when all was said and done all that could be made was an ash tray instead of a ming vase.
Gehazi may have been meant to be the next great prophet but sin ruined him. God didn’t throw the clay away. He may have turned Gehazi into a one sermon preacher standing on a street corner warning people of the consequences of sin. Perhaps he now was sent to only one person, the king. Or sent for just one cause, to speak on behalf of the woman who needed restoration from the king.
I know a preacher right now who has fallen into sin. It has cost him dearly and I pray for his restoration from THE KING. Fallen doesn’t men cast away, Psalms 37:24.


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