Are you going blind?

Eyesight is a very precious gift. I have been mere points away from being legally blind in my left eye, to 20/20 after laser surgery. That lasted about 10 years and once again my vision is slowly failing.
The Bible talks about some people whose eyesight was taken from them. They went blind.
Judges 16:21 finds the last thing Samson saw was the enemy who defeated him.
King Zedekiah in 2 Kings 25:7, the last thing he saw was his heritage coming to an end.
Elymas the sorcerer lost his physical eyesight as a reflection of his spiritual blindness in Acts 13:8-11.
I remember a movie from long ago where an old Indian chieftain had gone blind, when his adopted grandson saw that he was blind the chief responded by saying, “my eyes still see but my heart no longer receives.”
Do we have to go physically blind before we see our spiritual condition?


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