You have to breathe it in through your own nose.
J. C. Penny

In other words I can not give you experience, you must acquire it on your own.
Genesis 30:27 “…for I have learned by experience that the LORD hath blessed me for thy sake.”
Laban had known that Abraham and his family followed God, but it wasn’t until Jacob had come to work for him, in order to marry Rachel, that Laban understood just what that meant. He saw first hand how his herds had grown.
After he tricked Jacob into marrying Leah before Rachel he also witnessed how large Jacob’s own family was quickly growing. Knowing Jacob would need to sustain his own family and both daughters now married to Jacob, Laban cut a deal with Jacob. They agreed certain cattle would be Jacob’s payment for his continued care of the herds. That worked only in that God made the cattle stronger and healthier that would belong to Jacob. There may have been more animals on the ranch but the choice one’s were Jacob’s. Laban kept changing the agreement and God kept blessing those that would be Jacob’s.
Laban learned through experience that God will bless His children. Unfortunately he doesn’t seemed to have learned it, if he had he wouldn’t have changed the terms of their agreement 10 times. It took God warning him in a dream before he finally backed off.
How often are we the same way? Time and time again we see how God will bless when we follow His will. Yet we fail to learn from the experience. I know I am very guilty of this.


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