Bringing along

On this new route there are things I am still trying to learn. One thing I did pick up pretty quick was that I can’t load the truck like the previous guy did. He worked exclusively out the back door. So product went out the back of the truck and the empty trays had to go back on via the back door.


This concept makes no sense to me. So I went back to doing it my way. Product goes out the front door and empties go in thru the back door. This moves everything along and lets it flow naturally.


This same concept is biblical.
3 John 1:6b “whom if thou bring forward on their journey after a godly sort, thou shalt do well”. The apostle here is telling Gaius to help the missionaries along. Support them and help get word out about them so that others can also support them. By doing this they are making room for others to also go out into the mission fields. Also this leads to people being saved, getting help and encouragement, and maybe even men called to preach or sent out into the same ministry.


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