Where is the seat of your heart?

In Genesis 36:31-39 we read of a succession of kings that reigned in Edom before Israel had a human king. It pretty much seems that each new king moved his capital to a new location. He didn’t go some place for the betterment of his people, it was for his convenience. The new capital lasted as long as the king was on his throne.
Spiritually Jesus is supposed to be our King, reigning in our heart. However we sinful humans tend to not focus on Him like we should. We allow something to catch our attention and move our heart accordingly. The latest fad begins to rule or we fall for the temptation and follow after the sin involved. In essence the capital is being moved so this “new king” can reign in our lives. It may look beneficial for us at the first but it is not and it tends to negatively impact those around us as well.
The only right thing to do is to move the capital (our heart) back to Jesus so He can properly reign. Seek His forgiveness, confessing the sin to Him and He will forgive you.


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