No wasted steps

A few days ago I twisted my ankle pretty good, now days later it still hurts. Because of certain factors I can’t take time off, I must work through the pain. As a result I now find every step precious. If I don’t have to take it, my desire is to leave it there. My wife bless her heart has been taking a real beating over it. When I get home I just want to put my feet up and she has been so good about it. Fortunately she understands that I need to get healthy and she is doing her best to that end.
I am reminded that when Jesus was here on Earth He wasted no steps either. Everywhere He went was with purpose. Take John 4:4 “And he must needs go through Samaria.” as an example. This was a place Jews didn’t go yet the King of the Jews made it His business to go there. In this area was not just a woman who needed help but a whole city! Jesus was preaching the gospel to everyone.
Anything that God has called us to do for Him, no matter how small or unseen, is far and away not a wasted step. Keep walking in the light of His word, more people might be getting helped than you know.


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