I go back

Been kind of a down few days now, happens to everybody. As my wife was getting our daughter ready to go in her wheel chair she looked at me and said smell this (while handing me a little container). I knew what it was, Play-Doh, and I inhaled deeply several times. The scent reminded me of scenes from my childhood and I had to smile.


In Luke 15 we read about a lost boy. We call him the prodigal son. By the time verse 17 rolls around he has no money left and has become a Jew who is out slopping the hogs. Then in v17 he suddenly comes to himself. While I am sure nothing about the hog pit itself reminded him of home (to the Jews hogs were an abomination) something triggered a memory. He remembered how the servants of his father were treated. He went back in his mind and realized that it would be better for him back there as a servant than here as a wayward son.
Let me close with this, as we approach Easter 2016 can you go back to a time when you know for sure you were saved? What details can you recall about that day or the days leading up to it? Can you recall the last time the Holy Spirit spoke to you?


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