Why do you want to be healed?

No one wants to die, at least not when there is a good option for life at hand. But when we are sick, dying, many want more time. Some people see their illness as a clock winding down, that it is now too late for them.
King Hezekiah one day was suddenly faced with this same everyday occurrence. He had no heir though. The prophet Isaiah came to him in 2 Kings 20 and delivered the bad news about his impending death. With tears streaming down his face alone in his room, the king cried out for mercy from God. With that God sent Isaiah back inside to tell the king that God was going to grant him 15 more years.
Hezekiah had been a pretty good king for Judah but he was still human. It was during this extra time that Manasseh the most wicked king of Judah was born. Also shortly after he was healed the ambassadors from Babylon came and in his pride Hezekiah showed them every last piece of wealth he had. When confronted about it he proudly proclaimed what he had done. Isaiah then told him the punishment for such pride and Hezekiah responded that at least it wouldn’t happen in his lifetime.
My question though us this, why do you want to be healed? Is it just to live longer? Do you have unfinished business? Is that business the stuff you are to be doing for God in His service? Could the desire to be healed be only selfishness or can we truly seem to use whatever life we have left to bring honor and glory to God?


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