The other day I was sitting on the couch watching my daughter move around on the floor. She was completely oblivious to my gaze. In my mind I thought about how much I love her and wish I could do more for her.
She has made a great deal of progress thanks to her therapies. Hearing her talk to her toys is a joy, especially given how at one time all she could do was chatter in some sort of baby talk when she should have left that behind long before. Her C. P. is not cured but all improvement is greatly loved.
I wonder if God looks at us the same way. At one time we were crippled by sin. Then, for those who accepted Jesus as their Saviour, healed. Sin still exists with us because we are still humans living in this robe of flesh. Every set back due to falling into sin is hard on us but when we come and confess that sin He forgives and restores us, 1 John 1:9.
We are running a spiritual race, one that involves a great many crashes on our part. We fall down and have to get back up again. I have to imagine when we do get back up again (confess those sins) our Father smiles a little because He loves us.


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