Still caring

Awhile back I changed routes at work. The Lord open a door for me to make a little more money so I took it. To fill the vacancy on my old route the company sent the last vacation driver I had till they could train someone else.
Personally I am not a fan of the guy. He is a pretty good guy but I don’t believe he is cut out to be a bread man. Thus same belief was part of the reason I sold back most of my last vacation in November, I didn’t feel that after 3 weeks of training with me he could handle it. Turned out I was right. Three days after taking over he got wrote up. I don’t mean this in a bad way, I just wish to reinforce that I still cared about my old route. I didn’t leave because of any of them and I want the best for them. But a poor substitute is still a poor substitute.
Back in the Garden of Eden there was another poor substitute. It was the forbidden fruit. Adam and Eve thought they had a shortcut to wisdom (3:6) and didn’t need God all that much. Turns out they were terribly wrong. For their sin they died spiritually that day. Also note what God did. In verse 8 He came to them “in the cool of the day” and not the heat of the moment. Why? Because in spite of the change God still cared for humanity.
Many years later God came walking again. Again for Him it was the cool of the day; because as Jesus walked that rode to Calvary it wasn’t in anger over what the people were doing but in His love for man. Through all the sin that has ever been and will ever be God still loved us. He showed that He still cares.


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