He didn’t go to the cross

The day of execution.
Very early in the morning.
A man is drug from his cell.
Today is the day.
Today he is going to die.
But something is different, the soldiers are not leading him to his doom. Instead he is being lead to the courtyard where people are chanting his name. The door opens and his freedom from execution awaits him.
Barabbas, murder, rebel, thief, time sinner, and Rome’s number one most wanted has just gone free.
Why? He deserved to die.
How could anyone think to pardon him?
There was no good in him and every chance he would repeat his crimes.
Was it mercy? No someone else was going to the cross in his place. How much more wicked was that guy? Truth be told He wasn’t. The substitute came because of grace. Jesus of Nazareth didn’t deserve to die on the cross but He was going to be anyway.
One of the other two men could have been set free they weren’t quite as bad as Barabbas, yet they still went.
Barabbas had been the worst. He represented humanity because as God observed in Genesis 6:5 that the only thing great about mankind is our wickedness and that every thought and imagination of our hearts is sinful.
We all deserve to go to that cross and worse but just as Barabbas didn’t go to the cross those who accept Jesus as their savior will not have to suffer the fate we so richly deserve.


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