Does God get frustrated?

Frustrated: a verb. To make worthless or of no avail.
At the time of this writing I had just finished a side by side session with my daughter in her math class. I wanted so badly to just take over and do the problems myself because I understood them, but I obviously couldn’t do that. It was so frustrating to see her not get it even with my coaching her and the teacher going over every step again and again. I can only imagine how my wife felt, given how she has a greater interaction with our daughter and her schooling then me. It certainly would be easy to just blame it all on our daughters Cerebral Palsy and just let her go on her merry way. That won’t help her at all.
It made me once again wonder just how big of a disappointment I am to God. With all He has done for me and yet every day all I do is fail Him.
In John 11:33 we are told that Jesus got a little frustrated with Martha, Mary, and the Jews because He had just been talking to them about having faith, that He was the resurrection, and that He has the power. Yet the verse finds everyone making a big blubbering fuss over Lazarus being dead. To the point that Jesus “groaned in the spirit”. This was an exercise in faith, one with the answer already given, and just like us they failed.
That is what we do, we fail at the simplest of tasks of faith.  So while God may get frustrated with us and our lack of faith He isn’t gonna throw us away either.


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