Good Wednesday

Tradition holds this and tradition holds that. Tradition says that on “Good Friday” Jesus died on the cross, but not the Bible. Jesus Himself said He would be buried for three days, Matthew 12:40; Mark 8: 31; John 2:19. For Him to be dead on part of Friday, all of Saturday and mere hours on Sunday falls short.
My friend Jesse Kragiel explained the death of Jesus on Wednesday as this: “Christ would’ve had to be off the cross and in the tomb by 5:59 Wednesday evening, as 6:00PM began Thursday, which was a high Sabbath, in other words, a special Sabbath, and it commemorated the Passover. This means the first day of the week, which we would call Sunday, actually began at 6:00 Saturday evening, the end of the regular Sabbath. At this time, Christ would’ve been out of the tomb.”
Back in Genesis chapter 1 we were told by God how He counts days, “and the evening and the morning were the _____ day.” (blank spot left to fill in which number day it was since there were six days in that chapter).
Having a “Good Friday” service would be good to reach the lost and teach Christians the truth and debunk man made traditions.

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