Together a picture of Christ

I was reading in J. Sidlow Baxter’s book, Explore the Book, and came across his entry on Elijah, Elisha, and Jonah all of which do make an appearance in 2 Kings (Elijah in chapters 1,2, Elisha in chapters 2-13 and Jonah in 14:25). These three followed one another and each had an experience with death, though not all in 2 Kings (Jonah’s is in Jonah chapter 2).
What Mr. Baxter brought out was basically in opposite order for Christ. Elijah parted the Jordan River (which is a type of death) and ascended up to heaven. Elisha died and was buried but when a corpse was dropped in his grave the dead guy got up and went home. Thus the dead was raised. And Jonah spent she 3 days and 3 nights in Sheol, the abode of the dead, just as Jesus did. Now Sheol has 2 sections, the fire side were the lost went Luke 16:23 and the paradise side where Jesus promised the thief on the cross he would meet Him that very day. Of course Jesus came out better than Jonah did but that is for another time.
As I said kind of reverse. Jesus died and was buried. His death results in the dead (spiritually dead) being brought back to life. Then after He was resurrected He ascended to Heaven.


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