Meeting up

In Genesis 32:1,2 Jacob during his journey back home came to a place he called Mahanaim (a place of two camps). He so named it because when he arrived there he was met by a group of angels. Realizing these messengers of the Lord were already there and that his own family was going to need to settle down there for the night Jacob have this location that name. And with all the heavenly host and his own large family and herd there was more than enough room for all.
What I want to draw your attention to is this, we all need to reach Mahanaim in our own lives. The place where God is and we settle in right there with Him. Then go the next step and not leave. But since we are human we tend to get cabin fever and want to strike out on own. Which means we move away from God. Good news is that we can always come back and meet up with Him again. There will always be plenty of room for us.


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