Do you really want to be as strong as an oak?

We should not be afraid to be a failure. What we should be afraid of is being a success at the wrong thing.
One of these days I hope to get around to doing a study of the more popular trees of the Bible. For the moment I would like to settle for a quick look at the mighty oak tree.
Aside from only seeing it in the Old Testament I do not find it favourably talked about. Usually we think of the oak tree and think of great strength, something sturdy, and useful to build with. If we apply the rule of firsts however, we see quickly how lead astray we are. The 1st time oaks are mentioned is in Genesis 35:4 where Jacob buries the false gods that his family had with them. Then in v8 Rebekah’s nurse is buried under one.
God doesn’t seem to look at oak trees as a source of strength, more as in time to make a final decision and in some cases death. Joshua made a covenant with the people to serve God under an oak and Gideon was called upon to serve God by leading a small group of men into battle. Absalom died while hanging by his long hair from an oak. In 1 Kings a disobedient prophet paused to rest under an oak instead of marching on as God told him to do (this lead to his soon death). Saul and his sons were buried under an oak. Some of the prophets went on to talk about the strength of the people, comparing it to dying oak trees.
No, to me there is too much death and poor decisions when it comes to wanting to be like an oak. I guess we really are better off being thought of as soft sheep.


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