Passing the torch

Over the past year I have gone through a handful of flashlights. I had a couple stolen, lost, and damaged.


The other day I had to go buy a new light because the one on the left died on me. The new one is slightly bigger and has that green rubber grip on it. They both did the same job job just looked a little different and serve(d) their purpose in more or less the same manner.
Pastors are kinda like these two flashlights. For whatever reason one, for lack of a better word, stops working. It may be that God moves the man out of his current church, he may have died, or some other issue. In 2 Timothy 4:12 we read, “And Tychicus have I sent to Ephesus”, many scholars believe that Paul was sending Tychicus to Ephesus to relieve Timothy so that he could come to Paul and his church in Ephesus would still have a capable pastor. Tychicus may not have had the same style of preaching and leadership as Timothy but the gospel he brought would be the exact same, just like those two flashlights both gave the same light.

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