Salt water

James 3:11 “Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?” That bitter water being talked about is salt water. No fountain can put forth both without the 2 mixing together. On top of that the salt water would be what we would call the dominate type. That means the fresh water would take on the nature of the salt water if the 2 mix and not vice versa.
We humans drink water to live, we need fresh water though. While we do have a small amount of salt in our bodies too much is deadly. That is why you can’t drink salt water, no matter how thirsty you are it will kill you.
Salt (and I am saying this in the most generic of terms) is made up of two chemicals, Sodium and Chloride, both are poisonous to humans. Together as salt relatively safe, again in low doses.
Spiritually speaking salt water is negativity, bad thoughts, selfish desires, complaining, etc. These things can poison a believer and even a body of believers.
Here is the kicker, a little salt water though can bring healing. Just like when you have a sore throat you gargle with salt water. You can cleanse a wound with a saline solution. We do consume salt in our daily diet and so on. Spiritual salt water used properly is seeing a problem and speaking up politely to the correct person about the issue and offering a solution on how to correct it. Some people may not like you speaking up but if you do it as the Lord instructed then it is up to them to come correct. But you must do your part correctly. See Matthew 18:15-17.


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