Typical man on fire

Thank God for Simon Peter. We pick on this poor brother so much and here I go now too. Peter was a typical man in his denial of Jesus there in Mark 14. He was a man on fire but got complacent, a little cold, and a little bored which led to his mind wandering off the right trail. At least he was in the general area of Jesus during His trial. However, he proved to be just as human as you and I.
We all have this same potential, both kinds. The potential to fall apart because we too get cold toward the Lord, bored with reading the Bible, complacent, with our personal growth, etc. and the potential to be on fire for Him. Daring to follow where others will not, speaking up in the crowd that mocks us (Acts 2), discipling the next generation (1 Peter 5:13).
Which way we walk is up to us. Best to be on fire for God then to fade away for the world.


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