Coming full circle

Today I was asked to drop some bread off at a stop on my way home. It went to the restaurant that I got my very first paycheck from over 23 years ago. While I have been there since as a customer this was the 1st time as an employee. It even crossed my mind to order some grub to take home; that is until I saw the cook.
She was the worst boss that I had had there. I have no idea if she recognized me, back then I didn’t have a beard. Suddenly ordering something from there felt so wrong, like I was going backward. I guess you could say I had gone full circle.
In John 21 Peter’s life went full circle. He went back to fishing and again Jesus instructed the great fisherman on how to catch fish. On shore he warmed himself by a fire with Jesus again close by and then three times he was questioned concerning his relationship with Jesus. Again Jesus proved His love for His wayward friend.
When Jesus brings us full circle on something He is seeking to teach us, it might be painful or upsetting or even awkward to relive it, but there is always a purpose.


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