I meant it

I try very hard to interact with people; it does not come naturally to me since I am an introvert. Every conversation even with those I do know pretty well is forced on my part. So it hurts when those I do know walk passed and shake everybody’s hand but mine, say good bye to them, but ignore me.
Then one man out of sheer boredom, while waiting for his ride, asked me if I plan on writing anymore books. It thrilled me to receive such a conversation starter. I tried so hard to speak and talk of my ideas but soon the text messages started and he lost interest. A little while later his ride was finally ready to go and asked him if he was ready. The man just looked at him and with a laugh in my voice I said he got so bored he even talked to me! Everyone laughed but I meant it.
Encourage those around you. Sometimes their smile is masking deep hurt and trouble.


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