Unable to work

So the other day I was in an accident at work. Spent a great deal of the day in both the ER and the clinic. I honestly thought I would be okay if I just had some help for a couple of days. Then reality set in. My first day back and soon there after my neck got tight and started hurting and my left arm went numb. At one point I couldn’t even make a fist with my left hand. The fellow that was going to help me had to go out on the route by himself.
In Joshua 14:6-12 we read of a man who through no fault of his own was unable to work for over 40 years. Caleb was more than willing to work, he even had a mountain already picked out but the Israelites were too afraid to trust God and he suffered for it.
The day did eventually come where Caleb not only crossed the Jordan river but he got his mountain and began to work it. A little patience can go a long way.


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