Don’t just let it go

A couple of blocks from my home is a house that for years was part of the local garden parade. People would load up in their cars and drive from address to address to view the lawn and garden in the back yard.
This year though the lawn has not been properly kept. The dandelions are in full bloom. Small dogs can be easily lost in the over grown grass. People are left to wonder, will it ever come back.
Often in scripture when God spoke of His coming judgment on Jerusalem, especially in the book of Ezekiel, He talked about how people would feel the same way about Jerusalem. Their sin had brought God’s wrath down on them and a completely cleansing of the land was badly needed. It would be just that, leaving those who passed by to ask if the land would ever recover. Even when the new temple was built the older generation cried loudly because it didn’t measure up to what they remembered from their youth.
The good news is that God promised if we will get right with Him and follow Him completely He will restore the years that the locusts have eaten (Joel 2:25). It just requires us to whole heartily come back to Him and do it His way.


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