A month ago I was rear ended at a stop light. Since then I have been on light duty at work. This past Saturday was a local author book fair at my local library and I had the opportunity to go there and peddle my book (Suicide: The Bible and Today). My phone is set up to take credit card payments, which I gave discovered is a pretty important thing in order to make sales. Problem was, early Saturday morning while at work my phone crashed.
Fortunately I was able to use my wife’s phone for the event. Unfortunately my phone was completely toast and I lost a great deal of material that was on it.
On Tuesday both of these things came to something of a head. Though I am still having pain and other problems the doctor at the clinic has decided that there is too many inconsistencies and has released me back to full duty but has referred me to a spinal surgeon for further review. This made me very angry, I will admit it. Rather than trying to fix me he has decided that I am lying about it all. Feeling like someone is trying to squeeze your head off is not fun.
Before I arrived at the doctor’s office my replacement phone came in. The old battery needed to be charged so there was nothing I could do for it until then. Once it was charged I had to go about the process of rebuilding my phone to my desired performance. The contacts that I had written down and those in a previous phone were transferred over. Most pictures are gone. There are a few apps that have been reinstalled, including My-Sword with some additional features added on that I didn’t have before.
Rebuilding the phone is definitely easier than my health but God knows what He is doing. Perhaps there is a greater gain to be had by being released just as the new installation of My-Sword lead to some bonus material to work with.
It’s not Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, but I am sure something somehow is going to come from this.


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