How did that feel?

There was a program at the local library the other that I took my daughter too. For an hour the kids got to build things out of Lego’s. When we first went in my daughter was one of the first one’s seated. While I was waiting to sign her in one little boy looked at her and the table she was setting at and said “that table’s for handicaps” and walked the other way. It hurt me a little but he was just a kid, probably around 7 or so. My daughter didn’t hear and I am sure he didn’t mean any harm.
The Bible talks about several individuals who were handicapped. All of them needed help. Some when confronted looked expectantly, waiting for the person to give them a coin or two out of pity. In 2 Samuel 9:6-8 Mephibosheth, who was crippled from a fall, appeared before the king fully expecting to be executed. The reason being he was the grandson of the former king and as a rule when a new king took the throne the family of the previous king would be killed to protect against the new king from their claim to the throne. When Mephibosheth came in he didn’t know things were different. He was the son of the king’s best friend and tradition was not the order of the day. This day was for him. David was going to show kindness to a man who could do nothing without it.
Mephibosheth may have felt like a dead dog especially given the combination of his status in the former royal family and a handicapped man. What David felt was love and compassion for someone who could do him no good.


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