The nature of the relationship

The other day I finally started my concussion therapy. The therapist had me do a few things to form a baseline on where I currently am. One of the tasks she wanted me to do was to step into a corner of this big flat box. She showed me how to do it and then stepped right beside me, only a couple of inches away. I couldn’t do as she wanted. It wasn’t that I couldn’t actually do it, it was how close she was. She was there for my protection in case I lost my balance and all. Problem is I know how bad I am currently doing with such tight places and my balance would be all over the place. When she asked me why I wasn’t moving I said I can’t. She got one of those support belts and put it on me but I still couldn’t. So she asked what I was afraid of?
Since she asked I answered as nicely as I could. I told her that I was afraid of starting to loose my balance and getting too friendly. If I start to go down I will grab for anything or bump into anything. The therapist responded with over the course of our sessions we will be very friendly. It wasn’t an invitation nor a anything goes okay. What she said was she understood the nature of our relationship and that she chose to do this job, knowing full well accidental contact will happen. Her goal is to get me well.
Psalms 37:24 “Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand.” God understands the nature of our relationship with Him. He knows we will stumble into sin but He will not throw us away. His goal is our sanctification. We still have our flesh and sin will occur what He does not want is for us to actively pursue that sin. We can trust Him to take care of us.


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