So easy to quit

2 Timothy 4:10a “For Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world, and is departed unto Thessalonica”.

Life can get hard at times, in fact it can get down right mean. It’s goal seems to be one of making us stop caring, give up, only be concerned about old #1, and to just out right quit. circumstances sure can be very persuasive.

In this verse we read that one of the Apostle Paul’s traveling companions has quit. Demas decided he no longer wanted the lifestyle of a missionary. Perhaps her realized that Paul was going to be executed soon and as a result he feared for his own life. I don’t know. For whatever his reason, which we were never told, Demas quit.

Maybe he saw an opportunity in another place. He might have gotten tired of being where he was in Paul’s group and decided that back in Thessalonica he could just hide in the background.

This occasion in Paul’s life certainly wasn’t the first time Paul was in jail and under threat of execution so Demas may have just feared for his life. Or feared being left in that dungeon in Paul’s place. It could also be that he just couldn’t bear to see Paul executed and himself left behind so better to cut bait and run.

It might be that orders came from home, specifically an unnamed wife who demanded that her husband stop playing games and get home where he belonged and as such he chose to obey her rather than God.

Still there could have been an opportunity for advancement in the secular realm that just looked more promising than living by faith or trusting in man to take care of him.

Whatever Demas’ reason was for quitting, he certainly seems to have found it easy to quit. And right when Paul needed him most. People do that, but at least God never does!

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