Does God need to change you?

A light bulb burnt out in our livingroom. The fixture uses 4 bulbs so we still had light but it was noticeably dimished.

It was a quick fix. 

As I made my way into the room with the new bulb I got to thinking about Elijah over in 1 Kings 19. He had just won a great victory for God but was burnt out spiritually, mentally, and physically. So when the threat from queen Jezebel arrived he ran for his life. He southern journey took him first to a juniper tree and then to Mt. Horeb. 

At the juniper tree God refreshed him enough to make it to Horeb. There at Mt. Horeb God had to fix him, a new bulb waa given to him if you will. Elijah needed help, help that he could not gice himself. Just like my light fixture couldn’t change itself we, like Elijah, need God to make repairs to us. Sometimes it is major, sometimes it is simply changing out a burnt out bulb.


2 thoughts on “Does God need to change you?

  1. Sometimes it is the one who goes to church all their lives that God has to work the hardest on. The reason is they might think they are exactly where they need to be. I had to learn this lesson the hard way.


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