The hand

Years ago there was a movie called The Never Ending Story. In a scene toward the end the hero meets a giant who we had been introduced to earlier. He is lamenting the loss of his 2 little friends. The Nothing had torn them away from him. As he sat there he commented on his giant hands, “they look like big strong hands”. Turned out they weren’t enough to get the job done.

In the Bible hands are symbolic of power such as the case in Daniel 3:15 “… who is that God that shall deliver you out of my hands?”

The king thought he had all the power and that even the gods would have to yield to him, but our God doesn’t yield to man. 

When we hold things in our grasp such as a hammer or pen we feel confident in being able to drive our point home. When handcuffs are placed on us they go on our wrists not our hands. 

The handcuffs go on the wrists because if they truly went on the hands we could slip out of them, we could easily manipulate them. By going on the wrist our hands are truly tied. A power beyond our control has taken ahold of us.

Here is the good news, in John 10:28-31 Jesus said that we are in His hands  that Jesus Himseld is in God the Father’s hands. That my friend is double security. That means we cannot lose our salvation because there is too much for the world, our sin, and Satan to overcome just with our position in Jesus and yet God added a second layer of protection just to prove His love for us!!!

Now those are BIG STRONG HANDS!


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