In a dark place

In 2 Kings chapter 2 the time had come for Elijah to leave this world. As he and his servant, Elisha, made his final tour of the phophet school several men came up to Elisha asking if he knew that God was gonna take Elijah home today. He already knew it, they it seems didn’t know that Elisha was to be the next mightily used prophet. So it seems that Elijah’s time was not a very well kept secret.

At the moment I do not have a topigrapghical map in front of me to know for sure if this was an actual valley that they were transversing. I do know that Elisha was walking through an emotional valley and each person who came up to him to “break the news” to him only made it darker for him. Why no one is recorded as offering him a word of encouragement is unknown. I suppose these young guns were just excited to be “in on” the big secret, to be part of the clik, “in the know”, or to be one of the   preachers. At any rate their excitement not only overshadowed the coming event but only made things harder for one of their own.

Why couldn’t one or more of them make an effort to speak with Elisha about how he was feeling? Were they really that blind to one of their own in his pain? Perhaps they just expected him to speak up if he was hurting not realizing he may not have known how. All their words succeeded in doing was to get him to ask them to be quite. 

I have been that way so many times myself. Wanting my preacher friends to include me but always feeling like a fool for even trying. Being such an outcast, knowing that no matter what I will never fit in with their clik. Walking around so depressed I can’t stand myself and everyone around is having themselves a grand time. Even now feeling this way. Wondering if anyone in my life will actually read this. Spiritually I am cold, tired, and running on fumes.

It’s easy to ignore people. Even more so when they are in a dark place and don’t know how to speak up. I know people will say they are not mind readers so how can they know. If I had that answer I wouldn’t be here now.


One thought on “In a dark place

  1. they could know the same way the prophets knew… a word of knowledge from the Lord… both the prophets and Elisha knew… it is available to us today, if we would only learn to sit at the feet of Jesus. (enter into the Holy of Holies)…
    of coarse it is up to God to tell us, but our job to be a vessel He can use.


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