Who is that God?

In Daniel 3:15 king Nebuchadnezzar asked the 3 Hebrew boys “who is that God that shall deliver you out of my hands?” Those boys were trusting in their God to deliver them, one way or the other. Perhaps God would somehow keep them from going into the fire. Maybe the flames would extinguish once they entered and not relite. Or worst case God would deliver them from the kings power simply by taking them home. 

As we know God was there with them inside the fire. The only thing that happened to them was their ropes or chains were removed from them and nothing bad happened to them. Not even the smell from the smoke passed onto rhem.

Here is the kicker. The question was “who is that God that shall deliver you from my hand?” Then suddenly in v25 the king recognizes that not only is there four men in the fire and not just 3 like there was supposed to be but he KNEW that yhe fourth man was the Son of God. How did he suddenly know this when when just a little bit ago he didn’t know Him? Because there is coming a time when everyone will know who He is. Won’t matter if you are saved or a devote atheist God will be known for who He is!


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