Overcast and Light

It is overcast today.

Fortunately it also means it is cooler today!!

On a more spiritual note, the overcast sky is not the end of the world either. The fact that we can see that it is over cast says that light is still shining through. No matter how dark it appears, even if the rain was pouring down the light is still shining. If it was midnight and storming the light still shines. Yeah it might be hard to see but if we will stop and focus, allow ourselves to become accustomed to the light we can still see. When we allow ourselves to become accustomed to the dark or the absence of our preferred amount of light we get off course and discouraged.

In Genesis 1:14-19 we see God created light. Light for the day and light for the night so that we don’t have to be without light. Over in John 8:12 Jesus declared Himself the light of the world and said that His followers were to be light to the world in Matthew 5:14.

Our attitudes and motives cause an overcast that clouds the way for the lost. Granted it might be cooler with an overcast but that is because we are not in the heat of battle.


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