Where is our shame?

We were at the mall the other day and you know how they have all these stores in there. Even if you don’t go inside the stores there is so much on display in the windows that you have no problem knowing what that store is all about. As we passed one store in particular, to myseld I said Victoria has no more secrets. The whole world knows it all, every last inch and stitch.

The thought that such displays and pop culture is trying to drill into everybody’s mind is that there is no shame in the human body, go ahead and show off what your mama gave you. Let that neck line plunge down to here and it’s okay for your clothes to look like they are being sucked up into your lower intestines. 

Speaking of which, do you know what the largest organ is of the human body? It is your skin. Funny how we like to show off that organ but no one walks around with their kidney’s hanging out. When was the last time some said “hey check out my right lung, ain’t she a beauty?” Yet that skin that covers such personal places here no problem, take a good look.

Back in Genesis 2:25 Adam and Eve were both naked and not ashamed because they didn’t know what sin was. In the very next chapter they disobedied God, found out what sin was, and were immediately ashamed of their naked bodies. God designed the human body to be enjoyed by spouses. I am not saying we need to cover every square inch but yes, those sensual areas need to be covered and stop with the cloth being so tight that people can count the pores on your skin underneath. As a society we need to get back to modesty and God.


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