I love the rain

I love when it rains while I am asleep. It just seems like I sleep better. To me a nice drizzle makes for a good walk in. The feeling to me is so relaxing. At the same time I am not a fan of working in the rain, especially when I have my glasses on.

A rain like this reminds me of the prophet Elijah. There on Mt. Carmel the challenge had been carried out and God Alimghty had answered with fire. The hearts of the people, for the moment, were turned toward God. Now was the time for the punishment by drought to end. Elijah prayed for the Lord to send the rain and He did.

With the sighting of a little cloud in 1 Kings 18:44 he sent his servant to go warn the king to get moving because there was the sound of an abundance of rain. Soon the roads would become difficult to pass due to the mud that would be created. So the king began his 20 mile journey to the city. Next thing we know Elijah has started running. He is running through the rain! Not just running through the rain but ahead of the king’s own chariot proclaiming that the king was coming! I don’t know if Elijah had a habit of running in the rain before then or even afterward but I think at the least he too loved the rain.


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