I met a zombie

The other day I had my first interaction with a zombie, at least as far as I am aware. I am not talking about the monsters from movies and t.v. No, I am speaking in regards to what is known as a zombie brand. A product or business that went out of business, someone came along and bought all the rights and trademarks to, and relaunched the brand. In this case it was the long dead Montgomery Ward.

I remember this chain of department stores as a little boy. To me the first of many that suddenly started dying off arounf 1990 or was it Zayre? At any rate I hadn’t heard of this store being in existence anymore in decades. Thanks to a radio show I enjoy listening to called “Under the Influence” which is all about marketing, I understood that this long dead brand must have been somehow resurrected. That at some point someone decided to invest a bunch of money in a brand they thought would be worth saving. Quickly I did some research and learned sure enough that was exactly what had taken place. In fact it had been done more than a decade ago but the news was just now reaching me. 

The outfit that had bought this brand had bought it all and as a result could even legally still lay claim to the store having more than a century of operation.

Ephesians 2:1 And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins

That word quickened means to restore to life. We are not talking UNDEAD like a zombie would be. We are talking LIFE! When God first made man Adam and Eve were living beings. Alive physically, spiritually, and with a living soul. Once sin entered into the world man still had the living soul but he or she was already dying physically from the moment they were born and spiritually already dead. That spirit is what Jesus came to bring back to life. Not as a zombie but a living spirit with that eternal soul that will one day be joined with a brand new immortal body and none of those who are saved will ever know death again. Oh we might die physically in this life but that just gets us into eternity and that blessed immortality that much quicker! 

Keep your zombie brands, I’ll take the real thing!


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