Right on time

We have this guy at work who could honestly care less about time. I sincerely doubt his wrist has ever worn a wrist watch. In fact when you make a comment about time, even if you don’t mention time and time could only be loosely intended, he will look at said wrist and say “right on time”. He knows that the boss is waiting on him so that he can go home but this guy also knows that his time is just as important as the bosses time. None of it matters so long as the customer is propely taken care of. 

In Matthew 24:36 Jesus answered the disciples questions about the coming destruction and the kingdom. Jesus told them that only His Father in Heaven knew the time. Then in Acts 1:6,7 after thevresurrection we read about a conversation that was also about time. The group of disciples wanting it to be now that Jesus would set up the kingdom and Jesus telling them now is not the time.

The hour is coming and it will be right on time, where will we be when it happens?


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