Are you just content?

I was doing some studying on the book of Ruth and I came across this idea and I would like to share it with you. Ruth chapter 2 opens with a verse that seems so out of place. As we read on in the chapter we find that this verse which speaks about Boaz being of Elimelech’s family is being used to give us some advance information as to why Boaz might be important once he us brought up. 

Still though why have that verse there? Couldn’t the writer have just included it once the character of Boaz is introduced to the reader? It really isn’t needed there for chronological purposes. Here is what Warren W. Wiersbe basically had to say about it,  too many Christians are content to live their lives in the mode of chapter 2 where they are just barely getting by and being dependent on spirituual hand outs. Yet it is in chapter 3 where Ruth humbles herself and requests the full blessings and rights that were waiting for her. Why? Because they want the blessings but not the commitment that is involved with it. They know he’s there but it’s good enough.

Church we need to get rid of that “good enough” mind-set. We can have all that God has got for us but we must humble ourselves to Him.
Reference: Be Committed, by Warren W. Wiersbe


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