National tragedy

If I heard correctly the high school freshman class of 2016/17 are being taught about 9/11 as purely history. They were not alive yet when it happened. Personally I was born in the seventies and just 30 years or so after World War II that might as well have happened centuries before. I mean no disrespect to the greatest generation, it simply is point of view. Now to fathom how this crop of high schoolers views 9/11 is madness to me.

I remember the events of the night before and how I tired I was the next day. Remembering the door bell ringing to wake up because an “horrific accident” had just happened. Our slumber was disturbed and for a little while we were just Americans. Of course that didn’t last long.

I am reminded of a national tragedy that occurred many centuries ago to Israel. The event is recorded in 1 Samuel 4. Israel went to battle against the Philistines. They were losing at 1st but got the big idea to go get the Ark of the Covenant and use it like a “good luck charm”. At first the enemy was afraid but once the battle started they easily beat the Israelites. Many were killed, including the priests who brought the Ark, and the Ark was captured. When word reached Shiloh where the tabernacle was located Eli the high priest and father of the slain priests was devastated at the loss of his boys but it was the news that the Ark was captured that killed him. The news was so bad that his daughter in law went into labor and in verse 21 we read this: And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel: because the ark of God was taken, and because of her father in law and her husband.

That was indeed a terrible day but there was a man who used it to do something for God. His name was Samuel. Over the next 20 years he lead the people in a nation wide revival and got the people moving back toward God.

Good can come from tragic events but only by determination. Our enemy wants us to be apathic God wants us to march forward in His power and Spirit. If you have already been beaten get back up and go for God. Better to die on the firing line then collect spiritual dust on the side line.


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