In need, indeed

I got up the other morning and got ready for work. The next to the last thing I do before I walk out that door is fill my pockets with everything I need for the day. All the common everyday items, at least for me, wallet, pen, phone, utility knife, and money. Well all but that last one this time. In my mind I still should have had at least 5 dollars in the basket but in reality I had forgotten that I put that $5 in the offering plate thinking I had more at home.

So what did I do? A quick search for any hidden money and then resignation that I was broke. What God did though was remind me of a verse over in Philippians 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Admittedly I questioned how that verse could apply. Was I gonna suddenly need that $5 today??? No, sometimes the need is to have nothing. To be reminded that God is all we need. It is nice carrying a couple of dollars in your pocket just in case you want to spend them or need them but that gets our eyes off of God. 

Such crutches like that get us leaning away from God and lead us off into trouble. Our true need is complete dependence on GOD!!! When God brings an uncomfortable position on you it is what you need. Maybe not right now but for future reference. Perhaps it is to help teach someone else or maybe God needs to teach us a humbling lesson.


4 thoughts on “In need, indeed

      • Any advice for me – a musician in an IFB church, who is standing alone against southern gospel and CCM? I’m at the end of my ability to deal with this. Yes, I am praying intensely.


      • 1 Kings 19:18 as a starting point. This may sound bad but a history lesson on the hymns we sing in the blessed old hymnal. Many were were considered too contemporary at the time and the stuff by Fannie Crosby was attacked for having no biblical doctrine in it, and written by a Methodist WOMAN. Not promoting CCM for anybody but often we need to come to grips with the fact we are fighting secondary issues as the main issue. I do not like when music divides, it’s role is to prepare the soil of the heart for the preaching of the word.
        I know some big time IFB church’s that will not touch SG or CCM with a ten foot pole yet someone in the congregation records the same song with no drums, electric instruments, and toned down vocals and those folks thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread.
        I wish I could help you but in all honesty I am tired of singing our songs of praise as if I am at a funeral. I can honestly tolerate some CCM and SG so long as it is worship and not rock concert, which most is. That also means that some is genuine, the same ones that 100 years from now will be thought of as hymnal material like Fannie Crosby’s stuff. As for my opening verse, remember you are not alone in standing for God it just is that you can’t see who else is because God has them somewhere else standing in the gap. 🙂


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