I stood outside the other in the rain. Actually it wasn’t much of a rain more of a sprinkle and I only was able to do it for a few minutes. The sky was dark like it could really start pouring any minute but it just stayed that way and some time after I went back in it stopped altogether. Guess neither me nor rain clouds were all that committed to the deed.

While I was there though I did enjoy it. As I have said before I enjoy taking walks in the rain and in general a light rain like that I like being in but I was also busy with other things and didn’t have the time for it. In hindsight it reminded me of a verse in the book of Jude. When we get down to verse 12 Jude is describing the apostates those who are not living for God but self. In the middle of the verse he calls them “clouds they are without water, carries about of winds”. They have no ability to be of help because they have no water in them to tain down. These individuals because they look one way but act another are are useless for people follow for leadership and being carried about however the wind blows shows they have no commitment to anything. 

How are we with our commitment? Do we follow through or are we easily able to jump from one task to another without completing the prior one? Having ideas are good, getting started is great, but staying with it following through to completion is a must. Without that we really have nothing to show for it.

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