How about working out?

You know how people get heavy? They don’t eat right, don’t get enough exercise or both. I am guilty, I admit it.

Did you know that applies spiritually as well? It’s true. Spiritually people don’t eat right, work out, or a combination of both. Again I am guilty.

I am not looking at neglecting a proper spiritual diet here. Nope, I am thinking about how so many Christians attend church on a regular basis and feast on the Word while there. “It sure is good stuff the preacher brought out today” they think to themselves. Some even go up to the altar and pray about it. Once they walk through those doors their spiritual body might as well go into hibernation. That good message is not put into practice, it just sits there and turns into spiritual fat.

Same can be said for when we pray and read the Bible. We take it all in, either “I have told God all about it” or “I did my daily Bible reading”. If that is all there is for us then it is becoming spiritual fat. Fat is stored energy that the body has to do one of three things with. Use it, evacuate it, or store that energy as fat. Some fat is good to have because it is insulation for the body and reserves of energy. Too much fat is hard on the body especially the heart and that goes spiritually as well. An unhealthy heart due to spiritual fat and no exercise is a bad thing. Maybe early grave type bad thing.

How do we keep it all from becoming spiritual fat? Paul said in Philippians 2:12 “…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” We don’t save ourselves but we are to take what we are bringing in and put it to work instead of just collecting it. James said in James 2:18 “…shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.” Having faith isn’t enough, both of these apostles said so. If the doctor can tell us to lose weight by exercising how much more should we be doing by spiritually exercising? As Christians we should be, at least spiritually, lean soul winning machines! Get started by walking with the Lord each day and start telling and showing people what God has done for you and what He can do for them.


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