Dead air

I was listening to the radio the other day when a commercial came on the air. Since I didn’t feel like changing the station so I listened. The commercial was set up like a question and answer session. The announcer asked the first person a question and in turn received the desired response (it was the advertiser after all) and then the same question was asked of the other participant. Quickly the sound of crickets chirping began to play for the next couple of seconds. Being on the radio an audio presentation must be made to allow the listener a mode of “visualizing” what is transpiring. If instead of the crickets all that there was was silence the listening audience would be left to conclude that they had missed something due to technical problems, the DJ falling asleep, or some interference with the signal. Because they can’t “see” the other person standing there with their head hung down with no response to offer. Silence is dead air and it costs money to send out, can cause a loss of listenership, and is unprofessional. Dead air is a complete waste and is symbolic that something is wrong with the broadcaster. Thus the use of the crickets chirping away, it keeps the listener from thinking something is wrong.

Job had a near dead air experience, at least that was his opinion (more or less). He wanted to hear from God yet he heard nothing, just his friends coming and accusing him of secret sin. What he didn’t know was that their accusations were really God’s crickets filling in the gap before God would finally speak. God was avoiding giving His servant Job dead air by sending thise guys. Without their attacks on Job he might have starting blaming God and cursed Him. 

Silence can be deadly. That silence will leave us with impression that God doesn’t care about us. It will get us focused on the silence of God really meaning He is incapable of helping and thus leaving it up to us to figure it out. The Devil wants us to focus on the silence and forget that the teacher is silent during the test. For me, silence drives me up the wall and I lose my focus, get off task, and soon lose interest and quit. Satan will be happy with any of those results from us.

To prevent the dead air God sends those crickets into our lives. They might be very annoying but they serve a purpose. Our problem tends to be that we strive to squash them or move away from the sound because we are so bothered by them. Yet they could be the distractions that God is using to help us. Job’s friends accused him of secret sin and in the process of defending himself he declared his secret sin without anyone realizing it (chapters 29&31). His pride had to be confessed and broken so that God could continue to shape and use him. That doesn’t happen with dead air.  Church it goes the same way for us. In those moments of doubt and pain stop looking for the seeming dead air from God and listen for His crickets. What is He trying to convey to us that we would otherwise ignore?

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