The flames of Hell

​Jesus told a parable in Matthew 13:24-30 where wheat seeds were planted, an enemy came along and added weed (tares) seeds to the same field, reapers came along and spotted the weeds, and the man said to separate the wheat and the weeds at the harvest with the wheat to be placed in the barn and the weeds to be thrown into the fire. Afterward the disciples asked Jesus to explain the parable, which He did with the exception of the fire that the weeds were to be burned in. Why didn’t Jesus explain the fire? Generally figures of speech are not as intense as the real thing, so perhaps the fire is not explained because we humans don’t have the understanding or words to comprehend how much worse eternity in Hell will be. Personally I think at the very least there will be flames in Hell, as that there are to many references to fire when Hell is being discussed and in the narrative of the rich man and Lazarus with two named characters it does not seem that Jesus would say flames and mean it as a type when He had the perfect opportunity to say exactly what He meant. Since Jesus said flames and named both Lazarus and Abraham it would make sense that the One who created Hell for satan and his legions would know what He was talking about.


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