Writer’s block

Admittedly I haven’t been writing these blogs as often as I should be or as often as I would like to write them. I have learned three things over the last year and a half or so. One is that whenever I can’t sit down and write the ideas and thoughts flow like a wide open faucet. The second is that those times when I have the time I tend to not even think about the concept of writing. It just skips my mind. Of course the third thing is that dreaded writer’s block. That moment when the desire to write is there and yet the part about what to write is no where in sight.

There are times when as I am working a thought comes to mind but it doesn’t, for various reasons, seem like a good idea to write them down. Often times those moments are when I really need to see someone and talk face to face with them. To me this is more of the Holy Spirit inducing writer’s block in my opinion. I say that because what I am wanting to say at the moment is not something that should be put out there for the masses. Other times He does it because I am not in the correct frame of mind. Those things I would love to say are not coming from a heart of love or perhaps their foundation is second-hand knowledge, which I couldn’t verify but want to act upon. 

Still there are those moments He gives me writer’s block because it will do the most good if an actual conversation can be had. Too much can get lost in written form. Words while written down for all to see are subject to interpretation based solely on the reader. That person can read anger, doubt, joy, or any other emotion into written words and thus alter the very meaning of the message. Now that is not to say that all written messages are doomed to be miscommunicated; no, I am thinking of those times when emotion plays a very significant role in the message or has the potential to be implied.

Maybe that is why we see the Apostle John closing out Second John and Third John by saying he had more to say to those who would be receiving his letters but at that point it was best for him to hold off on saying it until they were face to face. Perhaps the Holy Spirit suddenly gave him writer’s block simply because the rest of what John had to say was solely between them. Third John does strike me as being somewhat fiery so perhaps it was simply for the best to stop where he did so as not to arouse too much emotion that could get out of control.

At any rate, instead of looking at writer’s block only as a draw back I think we should keep in mind that it can be helpful. We just need to try and look at it from all the angles and not just from our own frustrations.   🙂


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