The holy bird

I recently was reading the announcements at a local assembly and one of those announcements was about an uncoming event that would include a potluck meal. After making said announcement I mentioned that hopefully we’ll even have the holy bird. There were some Amens and a little snickering at the comment. To my surprise there also came a question. This one lady wanted to know what the “holy bird” was. So I said it is fried chicken and that brought up the question of why I called it the holy bird. My reply was somewhat shorter than you are about to read, but I do hope you enjoy this tongue-in-cheek reply. Some will require a little thought to get and keep in mind the chapter and verses tend to be part of the reasoning.

Hezekiah 1:60 “The holy bird will be well done when the inside is hot.”

Hezekiah 4:11 “When the LORD lays upon a man’s heart to preach His word he will also impress upon his stomach an incurable desire for the bird.”

Hezekiah 3:25 “Harlan be his name.”

The Prophecy of Sanders 1:1 “The burden and hunger of the Sanders the preacher of God. Woe be to my people saith the holy one, for they favor not mine holy, the bird I have given them to fill their bellies with.”

The Prophecy of Sanders 1:11 “The spice and the herb are it’s savor, the rest are but sides.”
The Prophecy of Sanders 19:35 “And I will anoint mine anointed from on high, Harlan shall be his name.”
The Prophecy of Sanders 19:52 “My servant shall wander about bring glad tidings of the holy bird.”
Chickfila 6:30 “Where is mine portion, my love, my holy bird? Is it not fit for a feast for our King?”

Chickfila 4:11 “Man shall not live by bread alone, there should also be chicken inside the bread.”

Zaxby 4:11 “Can we not eat the bird with the eggs in the morning?”

The Prophecy of Sanders 7:24 “I have called thee, knowest thou not the hunger in thine belly for the holy bird?”
Zaxby 3:21 “Shall we not come together my beloved and feast… the bird has been cooked.”

The Prophecy of Sanders 24:7 “They cry for now there is no more. The delious fried chicken has run out. Cry little children for you will not be able to have anymore chicken legs today.”
Browns 7:11 “His hunger shall not be quenched. His desire to preach shall only be matched by his hunger for chicken.”

Churchs 5:30,31 “The pan will not cook enough fried chicken, we must have more. Lord send a revival and may it come with more chicken please.”

Churchs 4:11 “In the winter thy name shall be chicken soup.”

And please if you can think of one that would be funny let me know in the comments.


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