Is Jesus waiting for you?

In John 4:4,6 we find that the Bible said that Jesus needed to go through Samaria and tgat His body was tired from the long journey so He sat on a well. There to His disciples it looked like He was waiting for them to return with lunch but in reality He was waiting for a certain woman. She had no claim to Him as that she was a Samaritan woman, a half breed at best (part Jewish and part Gentile). 

This woman was coming to the well at the weong time of day because even in her own community she was an outcast, a sinner’s sinner. A five time divorcee and currently shacked up with a fellow who she wasn’t married to. Everyone in her village knew all about her. By the way so did this Jew! To make matter stranger He asked her for a drink of water, something no self respecting Jew would do. Good thing He wasn’t into His self like so many humans are. 

Jesus was there waiting for her because He loves every human being who has ever lived, is currently living, and is yet to be born. The plan that God has was for Jesus to come and die on the cross so that anyone who was willing to come to where He is waiting for them can be saved. 

Saved from what? In a word death and not our physical death. Nor is it our spiritual death either because we were all born spiritually dead. No, I am talking about eternal death where a person will suffer body, soul, and spirit for eternity. Our sins guarantee us this death (Romans 6:23). No one was ever good enough nor will no one ever be good enough (Romans 3:10,23) to escape the sin debt we owe God. There is only one way to avoid eternal death and that is by accepting Jesus as our Saviour (Romans 10:9,10) while there is still breath in our lungs. Yes, Jesus is waiting for you and all tou have to do is ask Him and He’ll do it (Romans 10:13).


Getting along

I heard a preacher say one time that we had best learn to get along with our co-workers because if we don’t God will make sure you two get stuck together. With that in mind I must confess that there is a group of men where I work that I don’t see eye to eye with. For the record I am a union member, where I work is a union business, my local is in need of more members, and I was always taught that if you work at a union shop you must be a union member. Long story short this group of guys are not union member, which puts me at odds with them.

However over the past few months I have had to deal directly with them more than normal. Yes they are just as human as I am, which is no surprise, but they are still non-union workers in a union shop but I am getting over that. I can’t change what they are but I can work with them, even dare I say work a little with them. As part of my transition back to my normal job I have had my hours changed to where I come in earlier and help our shippers ship the product to the drivers. Part of this new responsibility includes shipping some of their product. For me that is a little weird, bad enough I am shipping but also shipping to these guys!?! We do have a common goal though. All of us want to make a living to support our families.

This got me to thinking about who in the Bible were some “opposites” who had to learn to work together? David and Jonathan come to mind. Jonathan is the crown prince yet he knew David had been choosen by God Himself to be the nect king, 1 Samuel 23:17. These two agreed to work together even though Jonathan knew he was getting the short end of the stick. The over all goal was more important, they knew they had to follow God’s will for their lives and for their nation. 

Still though they didn’t have that difference of opinion like me and the non-union guys. That lead me to think about to of Jesus’ disciples. Matthew the publican and Simon Zealotes. Simon Zealotes was as pro-Israel as you can get while Matthew the publican had “betrayed” Israel by going to work for the Roman’s as one of their tax collector’s. Early on it must have been somewhat uncomfortable for these two to work together. Not even much of a stretch to think that they did their best to be as far apart as possible but still they hung in there. Personally I kinda picture it taking Jesus at the last supper washing everybody’s feet before it really started to click for them. The idea that they have a common goal and a common employer (God). Their past was in the past and now a day would soon come for them when they would work together, Pentecost, both giving out the good news that Jesus saves. Then one day coming to understand that salvation was not just for the Jews but for all mankind, so long as they would accept the free gift. Yeah even those two could get along, they needed common ground and that was found at the foot of the cross.

A quick take away: The death of Jesus

Philippians 2:8 “And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.”

obedient unto death” Jesus didn’t try to be raptured out like Enoch and Elijah were. For Him that would have been cheating. This was about our redemption and that redemption depended on His death. Which in this case was the lowest point someone can go, a common criminal’s cross.

Just a year later

One year ago today I made my first book presentation at a local church. Things have changed just a year later. The pastor there has moved on. We have seen a couple of young men at our church answer the call to preach. For myself I have started some studying on a possible next book.

In Matthew 21, Mark 11, and John 12 Jesus made His triumphal entrance into Jerusalem. Yet within just a couple of days His popularity was gone and He was placed on the cross. Things certainly do change on a dime!

Of course though things changed again just three days later. That was when Jesus arose from the grave NEVER to die again. It was never about being popular, it was always about our eternity. The change that took place in that short of time gives us the chance to ask Jesus to save us from Hell for eternity and go to Heaven. Have you made a change in your eternity?

Electricity in the air

At our depot yesterday we are getting new docking plates installed. The boss had me watch them being installed to see if we could do it ourselves and save some money. Everything the guys did I know how to do but I am on lite duty, so I can’t, and we don’t have some of the tools needed.
While I was watching though they started using a welder. Of course you can’t watch the actual welding going on without proper eyewear. So I turned my back. You could feel the electricity in the air on this humid summer morning.
It made me think of the revival that is going on now down in Burlington North Carolina. C. T. Townsend is being used by God mightily there. The meeting started in a church 7 weeks ago that holds 900 and they had to move it to a nearby field and put up a tent.
Churches are busing in people from all over! Last Friday night Kenny Baldwin preached the Youth Night service and they had over 5,100 people in attendance. Over 300 people so far have been saved so far!
God made Israel a promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” I believe God extends that promise to His saved people too. People are hungry for God, there is electricity in the air down there and it is spreading some, let’s all pray it continues.

Be a light

My daughter came in the living room the other day with a glow stick she had went to bed with. Upon entering she said “daddy my bracelet isn’t glowing anymore.”


All I could do was smile and tell her “probably not.” After giving it a quick look I realized it actually was still glowing. The light it was giving off was overcome by the light in the room.


It just wasn’t as strong as the four light bulbs overhead.
Matthew 5:16 “Ye are the light of the world.” Jesus said that of all His disciples because we are to be bringing the light of the true gospel to a world that is lost in the darkness of sin. So we are to be giving off light for others. Not to light their path further into darkness but to draw them away. Now our light will be outshone by greater light just like that glow stick. John 8:12 “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” We cannot save others but Jesus does, thus He is the greater light that outshines us. There is no need for us to try and draw attention to ourselves just to Him.
Be a light and tell others about Jesus.

Each one is different

I admit I am a bit of a control freak. As I was sitting here writing this blog our church’s youth pastor was mowing my lawn. Since I am on restrictions do to the accident I felt it best not to mow the lawn myself so no one could accuse me of faking my injuries.


Brother Brett Clayton is doing a good job and his different way of cutting the grass reminded me that one of the bet things you can do for your lawn is to cut it a different way every time. It helps the grass grow stronger being cut from different directions. Same job being done and in this case by someone else.
Preachers are the same way. God didn’t stamp us out of the same cookie cutter mold. Even the four Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are similar yet each is different and presents the facts of Jesus in his own style.
The reason being for all this difference is that people react differently to different people. Someone might respond to the gospel the way I preach it yet completely ignore how our youth pastor preaches, and vice versa. The important thing is this: is the job getting done? If souls are truly being saved by Jesus, then no one should be trying to be a control freak and tell someone else how it should be done. Go and witness to someone today about how Jesus can save them from eternity in Hell!